VNL 190W led uv lamp with LG UV Chip High power uv module for uv glue curing,flatbed printers,screen printing, 3D printers

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Color: 120W DC30V 395nm 120W DC30V 365nm 120W DC120V 395nm 120W DC120V 385nm 120W DC30V 385nm 120W DC120V 365nm 190W DC30V 395nm 190W DC30V 385nm 190W DC30V 365nm

Product Description

120W 190W DC30V 120V led Chip High poweruv module can be used for flatbed printers, uv glue curing, screen printing, 3D printers  integrated circuit exposure, high-speed printer 

UV LED light source advantages:
◆ without preheating, easy to use
◆ spectral distribution of concentrated, higher UV energy
◆ UV high purity, no heat radiation
◆ Long life, low energy consumption, lower maintenance costs
◆ smaller size design, easy to use for integration integration
◆ does not contain mercury pollution, more environmentally friendly
UV curing
◆Adhesively fixed optical lens
◆ Assemble the disk read-write head
◆Irrigation crystal package the LCD panel, the adhesive fixing FPC,fixed package LCD pin 
◆Bonding fixed medical device catheters
◆ Package field of optical communication passive devices and active devices
◆Bonding fixed laser head
 UV fluorescence detection
◆ UV visual inspection
◆ UV non-destructive testing
Scientific research
◆Irradiation of polymer materials
◆ Photochemistry (photocatalysis, photoexcitation, photocatalyst)
◆Photobiological studies, cell irradiation
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