USA stock, no tax, 120w folding solar panel with controller and battery clips for 12v battery ,solar system, car, RV,camping

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Product Description


120Watt 12V Poly  portable Folding solar panel  for  12v battery,  car, RV,camping,boat,free shipping




100% full power output assurance



Complete kit, ready for use


Excellent power output in the weak light






Technical parameter:

Output power:        120W   

Operating Volt:       17.9V

Operating Current:  6.7A
Voc:                        22.41V
Isc:                          7.38A

Size: 511*861*76mm
weight: 12.23kg

Package include:
1PC 120W poly folding solar panel



Trouble shooting

 If the load can’t work during the daytime.
  Please try the following:

 1.      Put the solar panel face to the ground(simulate night time)

 2.      Disconnect the solar panel from the controller.

 3.      Disconnect the battery.

 4.      Disconnect the load

 5.      Wait one minute for controller recovery.

 6.      Connect the load to the controller


How to install the panel


1. Unfold the solar panel, expose the solar panel to south inclination angle from 15-30 degree.

 2. Connect the appliance to the load terminal of the connector.

 3. Connect the male weather pack connector with alligator clips to the female weather pack connector from the controller.

 4. Clamp red and black alligator clips to positive and negative  ends of the battery respectively.






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