SZG 45KW Three Phase Energy Saver Electricity Saving box Electric power saver Energy saver Device Free Shipping

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Price: US $99.00
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Product Description

Product principle:
The use of safe and strong complementarity and traditional reactive power in situ compensation of the principle of power, mutual restraint, so that the current flow balance, stable supply voltage, filter transient surge, improve power factor, a large limit to reduce the loss of electricity systems to achieve Energy saving effect.
Anti-line heating, electric road race defense, protection of electrical machinery, extend equipment life.
Applicable equipment
punching machine, crusher, oil field pumping units, air compressors, hydraulic presses, die casting machines, escalators, mixers, automated production lines, conveyors, injection molding machines, grinders, lathes, milling machines, molding machines, large factories , small factories and enterprises
product information
Rated voltage: 380-450V
Payload: 45KW
Size: 208 * 320 * 50mm