SR208C Solar Controller Water Heater Controller for split solar system 600W 1 pt1000 and 2 ntc10k temperature differential

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Product Description

SR208C Solar Controller Water Heater Controller for split  solar system 600W 1 pt1000 and 2 ntc10k  temperature differential 

2 years warranty


Working Principle

1 collector array ? 1 storage tank ? 1 pump and auxiliary heating Description: The solar circuit pump (R1) is switched on as soon as the switch-on temperature difference (Delta Ton) between the collector array (T1) and the storage tank (T2) is reached. If the temperature difference between the collector array (T1) and storage tank (T2) drops below the switch-off temperature difference (Delta T off), or the temperature of storage tank (T3) reaches the preset maximum storage temperature, then the solar circuit pump ( R1) is switched off. Back-up heating by auxiliary boiler Within the preset time section of back-up heating, if the temperature T3 is below the switch-on temperature, then the circulation pump ( H1) of back-up heating is triggered, when T3 is heated to the switch-off temperature, circulation pump H1 of back-up heating is ceased.


1. Appearance of controller: 178mm×120mm×43mm

2. Power supply: AC230V±10%

3. Power consumption: < 3W

4. Accuracy of temperature measuring: ±2centigrade

5. Range of collector temperature measuring: -10~220centigrade

6. Range of tank temperature measuring: 0~110centigrade

7. Suitable power of pump: 3, <= 600W

8.inputs: 1 x Pt1000 sensor (<=500 centigrade) for collector (silicon cable<=280 centigrade),

9. 2 x NTC10K, B3950 sensor (<= 135centigrade) for tank, (PVC cable <=105centigrade),

10. Outputs: 1 relays, for circulation pumps

11. 1 relay for electrical heater

12. Ambient temperature: -10~50 centigrade


Main Functions

1.Main menu DT O & DT F Temperature difference function

2.Main menu-THET timing heating

3.TEMP Temperature main menu

4.EM Emergency collector temperature (emergency switch-off temperature of collector)

5.CMX Maximum limited collector temperature (collector cooling function)

6.CMN low temperature protection of collector

7.CFR frost protection of collector

8.SMX Maximum temperature of tank

9.REC Tank re-cooling function

10.Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature transferring

12.PASS Password setting

13.LOAD Recovery to factory setting

14.Manual heating

15.Temperature query function

16.Protection function

18.Anti-dry heating Protection

19.Screen protection


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About Connection

Parallel (straight) threads, British Standard Pipe Parallel thread (BSPP), which have a constant diameter; denoted by the letter G. Under the standard of ISO 228

G1/2" the nominal diameter is 15mm, commonly known as DN15mm; the outer diameter of G1/2" thread is 20mm around.

G3/4" DN20mm OD 25mm around; G1"  DN25mm OD 32mm around ;G2"  DN50mm

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Sensor Spec 0606