Solarparts off-grid universal Solar System KITS 12v 1000W flexible solar panel Photovoltaic system 2pcs 50A controller adaptor

Price: US $1,449.98

Product Description


Solarparts off-grid Solar System KITS 1000W flexible solar panel 2pcs 50A controller  2 sets 5 in1 MC4 adaptor cable


the 1000W/12V solar DIY kit system including the following parts in the packlist


1.10 pcs 100W flexible solar panel


2. 2 pcs 50A 12V/24V solar controller


3. 2 sets of 5 in 1 parellel connection MC4 adaptor


4. 1 pcs 6M cable (1*4.0mm2


5. 2 set 3M MC4 extending cable (1*4.0mm2


6. 2 set red/black 3M cable with alligator clip for rechargeable clips (1*6.0mm2


7. 5 sets MC4 male/female connectors for DIY purpose.


8.2000W Inverter