Solar I boost Alternative, Solar Boiler Energy Saver & swith, Solar Energy swith for Infrared heating system, Solar Energy saver

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3000W Excess plus, Solar I boost Alternative, inteligenice Switch ,Boiler Energy saver,  Infrared Heating System Energy Saver

Excess Plus, Solar I boost Alternative, Boiler Energy Saver, Energy Saver for Infrared heating system, Solar Energy saver


product details

Redundancy design of dual heaters capability;

Up to 3KW capability of each heater;

Manual and programming mode;

Displayed energy saving information;

Second-by-second real time monitoring;

1% accuracy class of power metering;

Step-less intelligent regulation;

Clamp type energy monitor for convenient measurement;

Battery supplied wireless sender for convenient installation;

Up to 10 years life cycle.


product applications

excess plus application


With solar power generation, the AC power (characterized as iac2) transferred from solar energy by gird connection solar inverter will supply the household  appliances also. In this case the house energy demand is provided by both solar inverter and utility. When the AC power transferred by inverter is more than the total power demand of household appliances, namely iac2> iac1, ig will be reverse, which means superfluous power is feed back to the utility.

Therefore, maximizing the redundant solar energy utilization is maximizing the householder’s profit. Excess Plus is specially designed for such purpose. This intelligent power management box helps to distribute the redundant solar energy to house heating equipment like water heater.

As shown above, with the redundant solar energy current detector (RED) installed to the utility access point, the feedback energy to utility will be detected and sent to the Excess Plus by wireless communication. Then the Excess Plus enables the water heater and adjusts its power to reduce the feedback energy close to zero. Thus all redundant solar energy is transferred to heat water for utilization.

Nevertheless, the solar power continual changes with sunshine change. In addition, the home electricity demand is not changeless. This means the redundant solar energy real time changes also. Without accuracy real-time monitoring and fast intelligent control, the water heater may not maximize the utilization of redundant solar energy, or even conversely take energy from the utility in spite of heat water maybe not required in time.

Excess Plus avoids such risk. With high quality intelligent CPU and wireless module, it achieves second-by-second real time redundant power monitoring, 1% high accuracy power metering, step-less intelligent regulation, and fast response control.

For convenient home use, the Excess Plus is designed as redundancy system. It can be connected in two water heaters—-one works as normal use, which can be manually set heating time; another works as redundant solar energy utilization, which is automatically real time controlled correlative to redundant solar energy. The two water heaters are allowed to work at the same time. And each heating capacity is up to 3KW. The real-time power and the cumulated energy saving information can be shown on LCD screen.

For convenient home mounting, the redundant solar energy current detector (RED) is designed as clamp type without power supply so that it can be directly clamped on electric wire; The sender (RES) is supplied by battery as a result of its ultra low power consumption so that it can be flexibly mounted on the wall without adaptor supply. The communication between the sender (RES) and the Excess Plus is designed as wireless mode, thus the Excess Plus is convenient to be mounted apart from the sender within effective distance.