Right Placement Solar Power System

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Right Placement Solar Power System gets more green power for years to come  ⊕

First ask yourself three important questions:

Where and how my new solar panels shall be placed to achieve the benefits that I want?

The benefits may be your dollar savings. May be reducing your CO2 impact or even having a simple pleasure of producing your own electrical power. Some of you may even consider as little as a smile on your face. Getting home from work and seeing your own little solar plant at your house. Most of us saving a significant amount of money running our own renewable energy system. Some of us making money selling electricity to neighbors from our own renewable energy system. Look carefully at your benefits and space available.

How much of my electricity should come from renewable energy produced by myself?

Far from everybody have possibility to go 100% off grid. Even all of us are sure that it will be possible already in the near future. There is a variority of reasons. From local laws prohibiting off grid living to the lack of sunny days at your location. Take a close look at your needs and limitations. Aspecially limitations.

How big the system I want actually is?

Solar panels, wind generators and wiring is just a visible part of the system itself. Figure out how many kW you want out of your system based on your general energy needs. You may consider bulding a room in your basement or outside of your house for battery storage, inverters and other things you need to run your solar power station. Small systems does not need much. The solar power systems over 600W require their space. Think of space available one more time.  Aim at easy access to every part of the system in the future.

First of all, answers on those question will impact your budget greatly. As the result of these answers you may choose the place for the right placement solar power system.


solar power system connection

Right Placement Solar Power System

Think of the access to your Solar Power Kit. Easy access. Your solar panels will need cleaning from time to time and  minor maintaince in case of blowed off or broken wires after some years in use. Almost all solar panels comes with 20-25 years warranty. Solar Power really is an longterm and very profitable investment.

Placing solar panels:

  • facing the sun most of the day 

As the years goes by you will get most of your solar panels placing them facing the sun as much as possible for longest possible timeframe of the day. Even if the day aren`t as sunny as you may like, the solar panels will collect energy from the sun behind the clouds. To do that panels must face the position of the sun as many dayhours as possible.

  • as close as possible to the battery bank 

Avoid losing power inside your wiring placing your solar panels as close as possible to the solar battery bank. You may have battery bank in your basement or in specially built room inside or outside your house. Often it is better to build equipment room after mounting all your solar panels in place.

  • place solar panels near a window on the roof 

Easy cleaning is the key when you think easy access to your solar panels. In order to get as much solar energy as possible out of your home solar power system you will need to clean your solar panels from time to time. Dust and other pollution may reduce capacity of the solar panel over a period of time. If you have a window on the roof – place solar panels as close as possible around it. If not, try to make sure of easy possible access any way.

  • be creative placing solar panels in funny formations or as an addition to front of balcony 

When you live in the big city and have a balcony, you may save money producing your own electrical power using available space. Mount solar panels as an addition to the front of the balcony. Tell everyone visually about your new green energy solution. Generally if you are looking for a small solar power system – get creative with the placement in order to enrich your surroundings. Solar power system may as well become a pride and small talk during the day. Saving you money.

  • make sure for easy access to firemen and water in case of fire 

Very important if you are placing solar panels with solid frames on the top of the building since the size of installation may limit access to the roof in case of fire. Remember that the house cools down from the roof and down in the worst case scenario. Solar panels should be placed within a good distance from the roof for water to flow freely below and between panels. Especially if solar panels are metal framed and difficult or not possible to remove. Have in mind that solar panels will continue to produce electrical power, fire or not. Flexible solar panels will melt in case of fire without causing any problems.

fire with solar panels




Thinking carefully about benefits and safety are important steps in the right direction. Right placement of Solar Power System done by professionals are important step in direction of peace-of-mind for years to come.

Stay safe.

Flexible Solar Panel with plastic back will melt in case of fire

Solar panel with a solid metal frame for mounting on the roof or wall of the building

Solar Panel with solid aluminium frame for mounting. Best solution for long term.

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Right Placement Solar Power System Right Placement Solar Power System Right Placement Solar Power System

Right Placement Solar Power System # Right Placement Solar Power System

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