Rainso Health Magnetic Bracelet Bangle For Women 2017 Hot Sale Stainless Steel Bio Energy Bracelet Gold Fashion Jewelry

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Product Description

Women’s magnetic charm bracelet

By RainSo

Features and specifications:

Enjoy this stylish magnetic charm bracelet that is ready to be worn anywhere on any occasion.

Magnet can improve the body’s immune function, mainly used to relief dizziness, palpitation, insomnia, kidney asthma, irritability and dreaminess.

Far infrares can promote the growth and health of living cells. It can be accelerate blood circulation, adjust blood pressure, improve arthralgia, adjust autonomic nerve, promote metabolism.

Negative ion can improves sleep quality, increase the oxygen content, and is beneficial to oxygen transmission, absorption, and utilization.

Germanium can shields the electromagnetic radiation in our daily life. Adjusts blood pressure, reduce fatigue.

Hematite is two fold consisting of wearing fashionable magnetic jewelry, and beneficial to relieve rheumatic arthralgia, slow aging and so on.


1. Magnetic
2. Germanium
3. Negative ions
4. Far infrared

We cherish your good health: let us know if our products are right for you!

1.Before Wearing: Body is disorganized and motor functions are reduced.

2. After Wearing : Balances the negative and positive ions. Helps restore your body to balance

Bracelet adjustment instructions

1. Prepare the necessary tools.
2. Find the pin on the side of the bracelet.
3. Use your tools to detach the pin.
4. The pin will pop out, and you can adjust the band.

Don’t adjust the band using the pin on the side of the bracelet that has the whippletree mechanism.


Full magnetic bracelet set

4-in-1 magnetic bracelet set

Hematite bracelet set


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