Q4500 Solar Charge Controller Power Switch Regulator DC 12V 24V 48V AC 110V 220V Automatic Dual Transfer Solar wind System

List price: US $69.99
Price: US $69.99
Current: 110V 220V
Rated Voltage: 12V 24V 48V

Product Description

1 head - Q4500

Q4500W  power switch regulator voltage 12V 24V 48V 110V 220V AC110V-120V automatic dual transfer controller for solar system

Model Q4500W-12-110 Q4500W-12-220 Q4500W-24-110 Q4500W-24-220 Q4500W-48-110 Q4500W-48-220
Rated Power 4500W
Input Voltage AC110V AC220-240V AC110V AC220-240V AC110V AC220-240V
Output Voltage AC110V AC220-240V AC110V AC220-240V AC110V AC220-240V
Transfer Time ≤10ms
LED Indicator Working Status of Public Power, Inverter and Battery
System Voltage 12V 12V 24V 24V 48V 48V
BAT. Low Cut-down 11V 11V 22V 22V 44V 44V
BAT. Low Recovery 13.5V 13.5V 27V 27V 54V 54V
Application Off-grid Solar or Wind System
Product Size 16.5×10×4.4cm

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Product introduction
This dual power transfer controller is used between an off-grid system and the public power.the controller is

separately connected with public power, interter, battery and load, as the picture shows, in the top of the controller,

there is an on/off switch, pls turn on the controller after ensure all the cables are well connected.

The controller can work with both solar system and wind system.

There are 5 indicators at the upside of the controller
(1) public power indicator
(2) inverter indicator
(3) (4) (5) 3 battery state indicators
The battery indicators shows the power state in battery as 75%,50% and 25%.

System working specification:

Process 1:when the battery is fully charged by solar panel,or battery power over 75%,inverter indicator (2)

                  and battery state indicator (3) is shinning green. In this process ,power is provided by the off-grid system.

Process 2:when the power in battery is consumed to 50%,the inverter indicator (2) and battery state indicator (4)

                  is shinning green.In this process,power is provided by the off-grid system.

Process 3: when the power in battery is consumed to 25%,public power indicator(1)is shinning green, and battery

                   state indicator(5) is shinning red.At this time the battery voltageis lower than 10.5V or 21V, the controller

                   will automatically change the power supplier to public in 10ms.In this process, power is provided by the state grid.

Process 4 :when the battery is charged by solar panel again, power is stocked in the battery until 50%,battey state

                   indicator(4) and public power(1) is shinning green.In this process, power is still provided by the state grid,

                   cause the battery voltage does not reach the over discharge return voltage point

Process 5:when the power in battery is over 75%,inverter indicator(2) and battery state indicator(3) is shining green.

                  At this time the voltage return to 13.5V or 27V,the controller will automatically change the power supplier to

                  battery in 10ms.In this process, power is provided by the off-grid system.



   Solar System & Wind System

    Dual Power Transfer Controller:
12V/24V/48V    110V/220V

    Wind Generator:
S700(400W)       S800(600W) 

   S1000(1000W)    S2(100-400W) 

   R(100-300W)      M300(150W)

    Solar Controller:
PWM Controller   MPPT Controller

   Power Inverter:
Pure sine wave    Modified sine wave

   W-series(PWM Controller)

   Solar connector & Cable & Tool:

   Cable/Panel-MC4   T-branch-MC4

   2.5mm/4mm2  /6mm2 Cable Solar




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