Portable Large Capacity Solar Power Bank Panel 2LED solar lamp USB Cable Battery Charger Emergency Lighting System for camping

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Product Description

Portable big Solar Power Bank Panel Lamp emergency USB charging LED Lighting System Generator field  Solar Battery Charger Indoor Home outdoor camping sites hotel emergency multi-purpose lighting



Please make the battery fully charged for first time

The light bulb cable is inserted into the jack marked

The charging system is a high-capacity battery, when it is fully charged

Number of bulbs (a) 

Lighting time when fully charged 


30 hours


15 hours

High-brightness light bulb power supply system configured in 90 lumens brightness

Battery capacity indicator:

The first three indicators: electricity consumption is 50 to 100%

The first two indicators: electricity consumption is 20 to 50%

The first one indicator: capacity is less than 20%

Tips: If the lamp for high-brightness Led lamp is lit, do not stare.

Charging System

When using solar panels to charge, before normal operation in the following ways

1. When charging, the solar panels are placed in strong sunlight direction

2. wires connected solar panels sun logo jack, when the light flashes slowly, it shows its normal charge

In order to make the charging efficiency, proceed as follows:

1. solar panels placed on the sunny direction, and there are places to avoid shadows covered

2. Regularly use a damp cloth to clean the surface thereof, to avoid dust and dirt absorb sunlight during the

3. When charging the charging system in a cool place so that you can improve the charging efficiency

4. by smart chip to control the charging, when the solar panels should not have pulled out

Phone charging steps:

1. USB cable is inserted into the phone jack marked with the symbol

2. connector to connect the phone

Product Specifications


Solar panels 

3w 9v

Cable length 

3 m


6v 4.5 AH

Light bulb

0.9W, 100LM


6000 ~ 7000K 

Light line


USB Output

5V 500mah

Battery maintenance and use of skills

In order to make the battery last longer, charging system using a 6v 4.5Ah lead acid batteries.

1. Do not expose the battery to place non-rechargeable

2. Even if not using, at least every three months on one charge


When replacing the battery, use only 6v lead acid battery, and under the guidance of professionals moreChange