Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Brushless Solar-Powered Water Pump Water Cycle/Pond Fountain

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Product Description

Make use of solar energy, need no extra power, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
Polycrystalline Silicon. High Quality.
Quick start. High efficiency.
Stable performance. Easy usage and operation.
Color: Black and silver (as shown in the pictures)
Long service life.
Specifications: Solar panel power consumption: 12V 5W
Brushless pump power consumption: 12V 300mA
Maximum water height: 160CM
Maximum flow: 380L/H
Start: The water pump will not working without sunlight, It will restart within 3 seconds once the sunlight re-appear.
Useful life period: ≥20000Hours
Working hours in the sun: 8:00A.M.-5:00P.M.
Delay: ≤3s
Restart: If sunshine is off ,can restart within 3 Seconds when sunshine is back
Dimensions of the solar panel: 180*280*30mm/ 7.1 * 11.0 * 1.2in
Net weight: 1140g
Products for direct-drive solar-powered water pump, no external batteries, a high degree of water depends entirely on the strength of the sun, when the sunlight is weak, water pumps will not work continuously, once sunlight is stronger it will automatically continue to work.
Do not submerge solar panels and controllers into water even though it has weak waterproof structure, but not suitable for prolonged immersion in water.
Please put the pump into water.
Keep the solar panel out of water; otherwise it will get damaged and couldn’t work.
Package including:
1 x Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Brushless Pump Water Cycle/Pond Fountain
1 x Bag containing small parts for mounting (as shown in the pictures)
1 x English manual