NEW 10pcs 0.5V 450mA 0.225W Size 66*33*3 solar panels photovoltaic module PV module Solar Power

Price: US $29.98

Product Description


Size:                    66mm*33mm*3mm

Open-circuit voltage:   1 V

Short-circuit current:   465 m A

Operating Voltage:     0.5V

Working current:       450m A

Rated Power:           0.225W

Weight:                    6.5 g

Operating temperature: minus 20 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius

    If you want to increase the voltage, you can be achieved through series circuit, if you want to increase the current, you can be realized by parallel circuit, the above two methods can be used to enhance the voltage and current.

  You can repeatedly adjust the circuit configuration of series and parallel panels, to change the voltage and current ratio.


1.        When not identical parallel circuit of battery plates, the solar panel must be the same voltage, the current can be inconsistent

2.        When different panels consisting of a series circuit, the solar cell panel must be the same current, the voltage can be different