Narrow Frame LED Panel Light 6W 12W 18W 24W Ultra Thin LED Ceiling Downlight Round/Square Slim Frame Panel Light Cool/Warm White

List price: US $9.32
Price: US $5.59
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Emitting Color: Round Warm White Round Cold White Square Warm White Square Cold White
Wattage: 6W Non Dimmable 6W 110V Dimmable 6W 220V Dimmable 12W Non Dimmable 12W Dimmable 18W Non Dimmable 18W Dimmable 24W Non Dimmable 24W Dimmable

Product Description


6W 12W 18W 24W Square/Round Ceiling Lamp Downlight Slim Narrow Frame LED Panel Light 

Features: Created LED panel light with ultra narrow frame that is just 10mm wide! Which means it can create a much larger luminous area than those traditional panel lights do!aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()

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