JT-280-5W Water Pump 400L/H 160CM 12V DC Brushless Solar Fountain Pump Kit Water Pond Submersible Pump With Solar Panel

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Voltage: 12V

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JT-280-5W Water Pump 400L/H 160CM 12V DC Brushless Solar Fountain Pump Kit Water Pond Submersible Pump With Solar Panel



Solar panels Specifications:
Rated voltage: 12V       Rated Power: 5W      Material: monocrystalline silicon, PET lamination
Pump Specifications:
Operating Voltage: DC 12V                   Operating Current: 360MA                 Max lift: 150-160CM
Max flow rate: 380-400L / H              pump noise: <40DB                          Water-Jet height: 40-100CM
1: Please use the same size as the outlet of the water pump, straight up to stretch. (The bigger the diameter of the outlet, the smaller the water head)
2: The water head data is measured in a precise experimental environment. The different environments, the data will be different. Please know before buying.
The value of pump flow is test out in the laboratory by international standards. The value are different for different head and outlet diameters. If you have special requirements for flow, please contact us before purchase. 
 Each batch of labels will also be different, but will not affect the quality of the pump. Please know before buying.





Water height: 40–100cm, not equal to the height of water spray head,
Connect different nozzles, spray height will be different.
When the solar panel receives plenty of sunlight, the pump will start within 1 second.
1) Press schematic assembled products.
2) The solar panel is placed in the right place, to ensure that the light is not shielded by other objects. When the solar panel receives plenty of light, water pump that is working properly.
3) When the pump just into the water, there are air, water may affect the results. After the recommendations of normal water pump, and then connect the nozzle.
1.After a product is the solar direct drive pump, no external batteries, a high degree of water depends entirely on the strength of the sun, when the sunlight is weak, water pumps will not work continuously, but will automatically start again until the sun reaches a certain intensity Pump resume continuous operation. Please use the product when placed in the unobstructed sunlight, shadow shelter will affect the normal operation of the pump. Need storage or storage with LED lights, please choose this company’s other models.
2. The pump must be completely immersed in water, not long dehydration work. When the pump just immersed in water, since the water pump inside the air after, suggestions and other normal water in the pump nozzle is inserted.
3. Keep the water clean, regular cleaning pumps, pump suction to prevent foreign matter is caused by the pump is not working properly.