High-tech 30A 12V/24V Auto Switch MPPT Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller

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Full consideration to the safety of persons and property has been given when designing the products.

However the incorrect connection may cause the system breakdown or even safety accident. For your safety and benefits, the following rules must be complied during the operation.
Installation of this product shall be tinder the guidance of the professionals in this field.
Prevent this controller from water, humidity and insects, to avoid short-circuit.
Keep children and incapable persons away from the controller
Keep the controller away from electrical heater, heating machine and other high temperature electrical appliances; avoid the controller suffering from insulation directly.
Please check the rated voltage of solar panel, battery, and loads before connection. 12V rated voltage is 12V, 24V rated voltage is 24V, 48V rated voltage is 48V.
Make sure connections between positive and negative poles of Solar panels, Battery and Loads are correct.
The diameter of connecting cable must be matched with the requirements of the current. Do not use thinner diameter cable, the thinner diameter. The larger resistance, this will cause higher temperature and output power decreasing.
The total rated current of solar panel and loads must be smaller than the rated current of the controller.
Components of system must be correctly and firmly connected. Prevent the terminals from oxidation and moldy, to avoid connection trouble.



  MPPT solar charge controller MPPT10-30: Compared with normal solar charge controller, this MPPT controller could increase efficiency by 10%-30%.
This controller can charge and discharge at the same time.
This MPPT controller has perfect SOC function, control charge current, and supply power to the loads.



  Always keep the battery on fill voltage condition.
Prevent the battery from over-charging.
Prevent the battery from over-discharging.
Prevent the battery from reverse charging to solar panels during nights.
Reverse Polarity Protection for Battery
Reverse Polarity Protection for Solar Panels
When the battery voltage is low, the controller will automatically cut off the load from the system. If the voltage of battery is back to normal and the load will restart working.
Thunder protection
According to the battery voltage grade, the controller can automatically set charge-off voltage, the load-off voltage, the load- restore voltage. (The parameter is default under 25 condition, locked by the CPU procedure, cannot adjust.)

   The controller will automatically compensate the temperature of the charging voltage according to the changes of ambient temperature.



Connection Oder: battery cable load cable solar panel cable

Connection of battery: Connect the battery cable to the output terminal of the controller, pay attention to the positive and negative charges protect from contrary connecting or short circuit (the positive and negative charges come together). If it is correct, the corresponding battery power indicator (Overlow, Normal, Full) will be bright. Otherwise, Check the connection is correct or not.

Connection of load: Connect the load cable to the output terminal of the controller, pay attention to the positive and negative protect from contrary connecting, Otherwise, it may burn the appliance.

Connection of solar panel: Connect the solar panel cable to the output terminal of the controller, pay attention to the positive and negative charges protect from contrary connecting. If it is sunshine (PV array voltage greater than 10V), The charge indicator will be bright. Otherwise, check the cable connection.



Do not use lamplight to charge the solar panel (lamplight is too weak to charge)
DC power source to replace the solar panel will cause troubles to controller.

Choose the suitable wire which diameter should not be too small, please refer to the parameter.


Load current 10A                            20A                           30A
Rated voltage                                12V/24V
Empty load consumption                0.05W
Charge circuit voltage drop             0.02V
Discharge circuit voltage drop        0.15V
Over voltage protection               16V;x2/24V
Float charge voltage           13.8V,x2/24V(till come down to charging recovery voltage)
Charge recovery voltage             13.8V;x2/24V
Over Discharge recovery voltage  12.2V; x2/24V
Under voltage                              12.2V; x2/24V
Over discharge voltage                10.5V; x2/24V
Temperature compensation          -3mV//cell
Working temperature            Industrial Grade:-25+55
Efficiency                                      95%97%
Package Content:

1*MPPT Solar Charge Controller

1*English User Manual

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