Fully Solar Powered Car May Be Launched in 2019

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Solar Powered Car winning already


A solar powered car – LightYearOne just won a Climate Change Innovator Award, writes

This potencial Tesla Killer can theoretically drive for months without charging.

LightYearOne Specs

According to the company itself, LightYearOne Solar Powered Car have the ability to drive 20 000 km per year freely on Solar Power alone on Hawaii. In Amsterdam, where there is less sunny days than on Hawaii, the same car will drive for 10 000 km per year. In the great state of New York the LightYearOne will do 14000 km purely harvested directly from the Sun. Those are assumptions, since the LightYearOne is still under testing and developing.

The solar powered car has a range of 400 to 800 km under the statement that this car “charges-it-self”. The range seem to be reasonable, since just few of us driving those kind of distances on daily basis. One question remains: is this even possible?

Scepticism around Power of the Sun

Technology moving forward very fast. Faster than ever. Just some years ago it would be impossible to light up a street light or power a traffic light by use of solar charged solutions. Today it is an everyday and preffered option on mainroads and siteroads of Germany and other countries. It is only a matter of time before the solar powered car becomes a true reality. We shall see and feel the 10 first ever LightYearOne solar powered cars already in 2019.

In fact, you may order one already.

Solar powered car as the future

There is alot of talk about this around the world. As the traditional fuel engines slowly give their space for new engine technologies. Car Producing Companies, such as General Motors losing money in the long run as less maintance needed for gasoline and diesel powered engines. Coming up with new ideas is the key for profitability in the future. Surely will Solar Powered Car be, or become, one the future features in every day life of people. Cars are getting smarter, materials they are maded of getting lighter and battery development is skyrocking in this very moment as you read this article.

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