deep well solar submersible brushless motor pump system for farm dc irrigation 4SPS4.2/110-D72/1300

Price: US $538.00

Product Description

3 4SPS-13 4SPS-2

Product Description

Product Feature

The solar submersible pump is highly efficient and DC powered. It is suitable in irrigation, human daily water supply and livestock water supply etc.


The pump body, outlet and motor body are made of stainless steel. 
The pump controller is high quality and micro-processor controlled.
The whole package include a pump, solar controller, water level sensors (one in the well, one for the water tank), a spare screw, 10m rope, cable connector.


Solar PV panels need to be be purchased separately.


Product Benefits:
1. Made of stainless steel, non-sensor shielding motor, motor efficiency over 90%.
2. Permanent magnet, brushless DC motor for long lifetime
3. Powered by solar panel directly, fully automatic operation, remote operation safeguards
4. Advanced controller with MPPT technology for maximum solar power
5. Prevent frequent startup of low solar power, the controller prolong the motor lifetime
6. The pump include Over-voltage protection / Under-voltage protection / Over-current protection / Over-load protection / Lightning protection, protection against dry-running
7.Automatic restart when water returns to the well or when the motor temperature returns to the safety range



In order to recommend the suitable model for you, first you have to answer me some questions:

1.What is your requirements for the flow rate of the pump? that means how many cubmic meter water you need per hour.

2. what is your requirements for H1 =? , H2= ?, H3= ? , H4 = ?3

Installation Diagram


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