CM5048Z New Type PWM 50A 48V DC input LCD display Solar Charge Controller

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Product Description


CM5048Z New Type PWM Solar Charge Controller 50A 48V DC Solar Panel Battery Regulator 50A Solar Charger 600W/1200W

Brief Itroduction:

The controller is a kind of intelligent, multi-purpose solar charge and discharge controller.The family use the fixed LCD display,with a very friendly interface,various control parameters can be flexibly set,fully meet your various application requirements.

The controller has following features:

Image of LCD graphic symbol  

Automatic Identification System Voltage level

Automatic Temperature Compensation

Settable Operating mode of Load

Battery low Voltage Disconnection(LVD)

Simple button operation

Intelligent PWM charge mode

Adjustable charge-discharge control parameters

Short Circuit Protection

Battery reverse-discharge protection

Battery reverse connection protection

Specification of controller:

parameter Data  
Rated Current  50A
Rated Voltage 48V
Open Circuit

Voltage of

Solar panel

Low Voltage Disconnection(LVD) 10.7V/21.4V
Float Voltage 14.0V/28.0V
Low Voltage Reconnection(LVR) 12.6V/25.2V
No load loss <30mA
Loop Voltage Drop <200mV
Charging Mode PWM mode
Size 22cm*16cm*10cm
weight 750g