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Build solar power system? How complicated is it really?

The price on solar cells and complete systems getting at affordable level, so you can get creative with your very own complete solar system of your choice. You can choose to buy a fully complete one with an installation guide included and ready to be set up at your place or you can build one from scratch. The complicity of your new home solar system is up to you to decide.

Wind Generators and Solar Panels

Your new solar system can be combined with wind power if you add a wind generator to your mix. You shoud be able to decide following things before you are getting on buying things you are going to need. You can go as much as 100% green, but ultimately it is up to you. Even 20% on solar power at you home will have a huge impact on your power bill as the years goes by. The wind generators and solar panels lasts usually for more than 20 years or longer if you are providing the right maintainance at right times.

Read a great article about maintenance of solar panels at WikiHow – Maintain a Solar Panel

Here is the check list if you are getting serios about saving money and reduce your impact on the planet. Know this:

Build solar panel system cheap and easy. Here is how.

  1. Get cheap solar cells from

We provide all kinds of solar cells with all kinds of variority of power and prices. You can buy directly in bulks or just order one or two solar cells. Buy as many as you need for your project. You may need solar cells both for building and for repair/maintainance of solar panels.


       2. Get tools and build solar power system

After getting your solar cells in place or may be even before that you will need a set of proper tools to get to work of building your own solar panel. There is different tools for the job available, but you shall take a look at what kind of tools we provide at best prices on the market. You can choose between free shipping and paid shipping.


3. Plan your solar panel system carefully

Place your solar cells on wooden or any other shapeable material of your choice and draw separating lines marking where each solar cell should be mounted. You are now half way through. Build Solar Power System

4. Wire the cheap solar panel system

After you planned the physical arrangement of the solar cells on the board, now start soldering the wires to the solar cells and then to each other.

First, link the cells in series. Respect this basic rule, just like if you were soldering batteries: the positive lead is to be soldered to the negative lead of the next cell. Do this for as many cells as needed to reach a voltage of 12 or 24 volts. Do not exceed that as you would enter the area of dangerous voltages. You want to generate serious power here, not fool around and you don’t want to electrocute yourself to death (take care!). The power remains the same, after all. You just need a minimum of 12 volts to kick-start a 12V inverter for generating 110/220V AC or charge your 12V battery packs. Linking the cell in series will increase the voltage.

Then, stick the cells to the board, carefully. It would be better if you made them a frame where they can be inserted individually, so you can replace defective ones, just in case. Build Solar Power System

Before you’ll have stuck all the cells in the right place, make sure you drill holes for the wires, individually. Make connection buses along the positive and the negative lead and then connect those buses (thicker wires) in parallel (plus to plus, minus to minus) to have a parallel connection and increase the amperage.

5. Get it done. Build Solar Power System

You made your first functional solar panel system, and now you can take it outside to see what it’s generating. You first have to measure the voltage, and then the short-circuit amperage. Just make sure your ammeter bears the solar cells’ nominal power (108W at 12V means 9 amps).

You can now power anything that runs on DC current, charge your car battery and so on. If you succeeded doing these 5 steps, then you can order some more solar cells until you reach the power you want for your system. Remember, the more power you want, the larger the inverter you’ll need to get.

Now the hardest part of build solar panel system, which requires increased care and seriousness in the quality of the work done, is connecting the panel to a pack of batteries and then to an inverter. You can use a computer UPS (Uninterruptible Power Source), but you’ll need more power to power your home. However, the batteries don’t have to be new, and they can be the lead-acid type, but it’s advisable that you should buy specially crafted ones for power storage and deep cycle use, since car batteries can only cope with high loads for a short time, and if they’re accidentally discharged below a certain threshold, you lose them for good. Build Solar Power System have the best products at the best price. We have collected more than 1000 different solar power related products, so you can build your own Solar Power System.

Build Solar Power System today! Good Luck!


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