2017 New Design 5pcs 0.5m 10W DC12V LED Grow Light Bars For Flowering Plant And Hydroponics System

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Product Description


 Light Type :  Led plant grow light bars 
 Output Power : 10Watts /0.5M
 Material :  Aluminum
 Led Tips 100% new Epistar
 Led Quantity:  36 leds =10W
 Input Voltage(V) :  DC12V
 Net weight(g) :  600g 
 Lifespan :  more than 50,000H
 Warranty :  3 years
 Safety Standard :  CE and ROHS
 Storage condition:  -40~85 degree
 Working Temperature:  <55°C
 LED Chip Color    27Red+9Blue



  • It can provide all the light a plant needs to grow and flower , to help plant grow quicker an better , increase yield .
  • It’s simple. High yields, low heat and less electricity .
  • Supplement sunlight, especially in winter months when daylight hours are short. .
  • increase the length of the “day” in order to trigger specific growth and flowering and help plants grow quicker , decrease growth circle .
  • Warm to touch — won’t burn plant . No high wattage cooling systems needed , 50%-70% savings in energy costs
  • 90 days no questions asked money back guarantee .





5*0.5M 10W LED  Grow Light Bars


 Lighting Color     


6 GL13

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