1KW-12V Single Axis Solar Tracker – System Kit 12”Linear Actuator +Controller

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    Here for sale is Complete Single Axis Solar Tracker Kits, items Including a 300mm/ 12" Stroke Length Linear Actuators &Mounting Brackets and the Electronic Controller you need for a single axis solar tracker system.
    Build your own frame and you will get a professional grade single axis solar tracker! 
About the Linear Actuator With Mounting Brackets        
 Light weight and compact structure
User-friendly control 
 Simple installation 
Low noise 
High rigidity
 Water proof  
Specification of the Linear Actuator:                                               
roduct Name Linear Actuator
Stroke Length(inch) 12"
Stroke Length(mm) 300
Retracted Length (mm) 420
Extended Length (mm) 720
Condition 100% new
Input Voltage 12V
Max Push Load 1500N/330lbs
Max Pull Load 1000N/264lbs
Max load 150KG
Speed 5.7mm/s
Duty cycle 20%
Operating frequency 20%
Material Aluminum alloy
Color Silver grey
Operation temperature -26 ° C ~ +65 ° C
Protection Class IP65
No-load current 0.8A
Max load current 3A
Certification CE/SGS
Warranty Standard 1 year warranty
Maintenance Free-maintenance



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2X Mounting Brackets for the linear actuator
Features :                                                                                          

1.Wrong battery pole connection protection
2.EMF elimination
3. The sensitivity of light sensor can be adjustable
4. Red and green LED display
5. Weak light display
6. The control precision is ±3 degrees
7. Max current: 8A
8. Interval tracking(can maximum save the power consumption)
9. It can aim at the radiant point in cloudy days
10.Can work both in sunny day and rest in cloudy day
Light –sensor:                                                                                   
This device is a new umbrella detector,the metal parts are all made of stainless steel,the detecting element is made of two Epoxy silicon cells,and you can adjust the direction angle and then calibrate the orientation.




    Never approach a solar tracker while the ECOWORTHY Solar Tracker electronics are “on”.The solar tracker can move unexpectedly and the powerful linear actuator/motor can cause serious injury or death.Always disconnect the ECOWORTHY Solar Tracker electronics from its power supply before approaching the solar tracker.
Package Including:                                                                           
 1X 300mm 12" stroke 5.7mm/s Speed Linear Actuator
 1X Solar Tracking Controller with Light Sensor
2X Mounting Brackets for the linear actuator